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Tips For Buying on LBI

Establish A Budget:

What we mean by budget is more aptly described as your “comfort zone” in terms of what price range works best for you to purchase a beach house.

Establish Priorities:

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need? How close to the ocean or bay do I want to be? What areas of LBI are my top choices? What interests do we have: sailing, surfing, fishing, water sports, tennis, pickle ball, shopping, fine dining, etc.? Be prepared to make a few compromises if needed.

Get to know the Island:

LBI is made up of 6 municipalities and 15 subsections. Click on our “Properties” and “Communities” links for some introductory information.

Get Accurate Information:

There are many websites containing LBI real estate information, the most popular being REAL, Zillow and Trulia. We highly recommend using for accurate information when searching online. Zillow and Trulia (which is owned by Zillow) are often fraught with errors and misinformation.

Who’s on First?

Remembering house and property details when looking at several homes can get pretty confusing. Write down notes and take pictures of the houses you see.

It’s All in the Details:

Working with a REALTOR that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, hard working, friendly and successful will make your purchase an exciting and rewarding experience.

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